Through the Lens of a Camera

In partnership with the Bhutan Center for Media and Democracy (BCMD), Fredric Roberts Photography, and Bhutan Airlines, we invited 20 youth to participate in a week-long intensive photojournalism workshop held in Thimphu, Bhutan in January 2015. Ten of the students were recruited from rural areas of Bhutan and 10 from urban areas through BCMD’s media clubs, which are established across the country. In addition, 20 students from a beginner’s workshop, conducted last year by Fredric Roberts Photography, also attended a three-day advanced workshop. Out of 20, four of the students were selected as teaching assistants for the new beginner’s course. The beginner’s workshop started on January 8, and since then, the students have been chasing light to tell their stories through the lens of their camera.

On the first day of the workshop, the students were divided in four groups with professional faculty from Fredric Roberts Photography as mentors and teachers. Throughout the week, the students were taught different techniques of photography. The stories that the students photographed were about development of local products, stories of nuns who were being supported by the Bhutan Nuns Foundation, improved health care due to Emergency Medical Services, and individuals with disabilities.

The workshop will conclude with a graduation ceremony for the students at which they will be awarded a certificate and the students’ best pictures from the week out of a total of 40,000 pictures taken will be showcased in an exhibition to the public. Local policy makers, local civil society organizations, and friends and families of the participants will attend the event.